Meet the Benefit team

Bridie Walker

Hi everyone welcome to Benefit. My name is Bridie and I opened Benefit Pole Fitness in 2008. I absolutely love nothing more than supporting others and helping them achieve their goals.

Pole is my passion and it has helped me grow in so many ways. It has been my strength, my outlet and my life. I love it! Over the years I have seen huge changes in views surrounding pole fitness. There is still a long way to go to break the negativity but everyday our community grows, more and more. Read more

Vikki Mockett

Hi, my name is Vikki. I started pole on January the 18th 2009 after my friend booked us in for a taster. I was really apprehensive at first as back then I had low self-esteem, no confidence and meeting new people truly scared me. I'd not long got out of a bad relationship which completely stripped me of everything, being told hurtful things everyday starts to get you down and I was at a low point.

When we arrived I was nervous and made my way straight to the back. I was very body conscious after having my son and my ex always played on that. However the first hour went by so quickly and I LOVED it. I left with a huge smile on my face and couldn't wait to go back. Read more

Chloe Gallagher

I'm Chloe and I'm Bridie's eldest daughter. Growing up around the pole community I have seen so many beautiful women, inside and out, develop skills both physically and mentally to become the women they want to be.

My personal history has led me down the same path as my mum, I have such a passion when it comes to helping others, which ultimately resulted in me becoming so involved with the Confidence Programme.

Being very self driven I have learnt to change my life for the better, my lack of self confidence growing up has taught me I CAN become who I want to be and I CAN be happy. I finally decided to put those skills to use. I am now the admin and support manager for benefits confidence programme. Read more

Steph Beal

I have been pole dancing for 5yrs and have been teaching for the last 3yrs and love it. I danced from the age of 2 in many different styles including ballet, modern, tap, national, ballroom and Latin etc... But upon leaving school I left dance and focused more on other forms of physical fitness and my horses along with a full time career in the nhs.

In 2011 not satisfied with just the fitness I was doing and seeing an advertisement for Benefit at work, I went for a taster with Bridie and after an hour joined Benefit as a student with my twin sister quickly becoming addicted, going on to perform in my first show after just 6 weeks and later performing my first solo as an intermediate 4mths later.

After attending regular lessons and a wide range of workshops I progressed to become a Polefitness instructor in 2013 and have never looked back. Read more
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